Penny Brite



Penny taking a riverside walk.

Isn´t it amazing? This little girl is actually well in her 40s now! 

Penny Brite was made by Deluxe Reading from1963 – 1970.  There was only the one doll in the line, with only the one hair color, plus a number of outfits and play sets. Though Penny was never as popular as Barbie or Tammy, she was an alternative for those mothers or children who didn´t like the full-figured teenage dolls. And she was successful enough to be re-released by Charisma in 2007.

In her red signature outfit  (which I don´t own, as my vintage Penny was an ebay find in a generic dress), with that cute smile and mischievous side-glance, she reminds me of another icon of American popular culture: Little Orphan Annie.

Showing off her new outfit

Here´s Penny in a knit outfit that I made for her using two free Blythe patterns I found on the net.  It has an English countryside feel to me.


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