Cara in a Romantic Mood



CED Cara
CED Cara “Nicely Suited” (2004, LE 250) – another girl who no longer lives here – in a Renaissance-style dress. Believe it or not, that is actually a Butterfly Ring* outfit!
Doug James and Laura Meisner introduced the CED line of 19″  jointed fashion dolls in 2002. Each character in the line shares the initials “C.E.D.”: Claire Elizabeth Daniels (Caucasian), Cara Emile Duncan (Hispanic) and Constance Erin Dash (AA/Hispanic) were the first three, with Colin Elia Dehan (AA) following a few months later (2003). Doug James added another Caucasian character, Catherine Emily Donahue, in 2006? and another Hispanic girl, Chiara Elaina DiSantis, in 2007.
Doug James and Laura Meisner had both been part of the original “Gene Team” for Ashton-Drake. In 1999, they introduced their own doll line, the “Mod British Birds”, produced by Knickerbocker. The doll that was to become
Constance was initially sculpted for this line, “Somers and Field”. She was to have been Gabrielle Miró, a friend of Daisy´s and Willow´s, but Knickerbocker did not produce her. They felt the realistic sculpt didn´t really fit in with the overall stylized look of the other dolls in the line. Also, they were in financial difficulties and eventually went bankrupt in 2000. The Gabrielle sculpt was later reworked as one of the debut characters for the CED line.
Chiara was actually the result of an “accident”: The factory in China had mistakenly produced a sample Claire doll in Cara´s skin tone. Doug gave this doll to Pat Henry, his photographer. When collectors saw pictures of this girl on the net – dubbed Chiara by her new owner – they met her with so much enthusiasm that Doug finally produced her.
In January 2003, Laura Meisner, who had been suffering from depression for a long time, left their joint company and shortly after, committed suicide. Doug James has been producing the CED dolls on his own ever since, carrying on their joint legacy.
*16″ fashion dolls with an extremely slim waist.

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