Beach Baby



On the beach

On the beach

Mattel introduced the Model Muse body in 2004 with two collectible Barbie dolls (Versus and Versace) and the “Model of the Moment” line featuring three new characters and sculpts: caucasian Daria, hispanic Marisa and AA Nichelle. While the elegant bodies were very popular, collectors were none too enthusiastic about the new faces. There were only two more dolls in the MotM line in 2005 – Daria and Marisa.

This second Marisa, Beach Baby, has a somewhat softer look than the first one (Pretty Young Thing).

Two MotM sculpts have been re-used on different line dolls. Daria just recently reappeared in a beautiful hispanic version as “Cha Cha Di Gregorio” from Grease, among others; Nichelle got a lighter skin tone and turned into Top Model Nikki, plus there were several collectible dolls. Marisa is the only MotM who hasn´t reappeared so far (at least to my knowledge).


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