More Model Muses

Daria Celebutante

Daria Celebutante

Following up from yesterday´s post, this is one of the first “Model of the Moment” trio: Daria “Celebutante”. Any resemblance to a certain spoilt young hotel heiress named after a city is purely accidental… 🙂 This is the only Daria in this skin tone, as the second one, “Shopping Queen”, had a light tan.

Another view

Another view

While I´m no fan of said heiress, I really like this doll. The combination of her updo, dark eye make-up and light lips reminds me of 1960s fashion. I actually got two of her, one to keep as is (her hair, at least) and one on which I took the hair down and body-swapped her to a poseable Volks body. This girl is a lot of fun to play with!

Model of the Moment Rose

Model of the Moment Rose

This is the lucky recipient of the Model Muse donor body: Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt Bukater (from the movie “Titanic”), made by Galoob in 1998. These dolls have become quite hard to find now. Galoob initially announced three dolls in different costumes from the movie, but only this one – wearing the black and red “Jump” dress – was actually produced.


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