More Beach Babes



This is Surf City Christie from 2000.

Christie is one of the oldest Barbie friends still around – having been introduced in 1968.

In 1991, Mattel introduced a short lived separate line of Barbie-sized AA fashion dolls that were supposed to be more realistic: Shani, Asha and Nichelle. The Asha sculpt from the line was later used for both black Barbie, her friend Christie (from around 1998 on) and Generation Girl Nichelle (1999/2000). There were also Christies with Superstar Barbie´s, Shani´s and Nichelle´s sculpts. Recently, the Asha sculpt has been used for Fashion Fever Nikki, who has all but replaced Christie in the playline. And although the original Christie sculpt has just been revived for the reproduction of the 1969 Diahann Caroll/Julia doll which shares this mold, one of the latest collectible Christies shares the mod Barbie  sculpt. Enough to make your head spin…


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