Little Big Legless

Bummer! I decided to redress my Little Big Eyes doll today, and when I took off her stock outfit, one of her legs fell off.  It seems this is a common problem with these dolls. Until I´ve figured out a way to reattach the leg, it is held in place by a pair of bloomers. The Re-Ment Kimono looks awfully cute on her, though.

Little Big Eyes dolls were introduced in 2001. They are basically cheap Blythe clones, with the same oversized head and huge eyes that change color, only they do not have a pull-string but a button on the back of their head.  Their hair is coarser than Blythe´s and greasy until you wash it, and their facial sculpt is a bit crude, though these dolls can look very cute in their own right. I originally planned to customize mine but when she arrived I decided I like her as she is.

Since I haven´t photographed her yet, here´s a link to someone on flickr who has the same one: