Azone Dolls

Azone International is a Japanese company who offers a wide variety of doll outfits and accessories and also their own line of dressed 1/3 and 1/6 scale dolls, featuring both anime or game characters and their own.

They first appeared on the scene in 1999. The  first years´ 1/6 dolls used the SAJ (Super Action Jenny) body by Takara as well as some Takara head sculpts, but with Azone´s individual facial screening. Around 2004, they also started to collaborate with Obitsu and some Azone dolls now have Obitsu sculpts and bodies as well.

       Azone´s main character and mascot is SAHRA (SAARA, SARA) who shares a head sculpt with Lycee, Maya and Mana. The main difference between the three is the eye shape: Sahra has simple, straight-forward-glancing, more roundish eyes than Lycee, whose upper lashes extend very softly outward and Maya´s eyes seem to be like Lycee´s but with slightly more detail in the upper lashes. Mana, with her side-glance, is the most easily distinguished but she is also the rarest of the four. Blank heads are being offered as Azone Doll Edit Head 01. There is also a 60cm version of this head which has been offered both as Sara and Lycee.

This website shows some nice close-ups:

This is Sara Blue Curacao and Maya More than Today. The companion doll, More Than Yesterday, had a blue school uniform. Below is Mayumi, the first Doll Edit Head I painted. The eyes turned out a bit larger than I wanted them to.

 Azone Doll Edit Head 02 shares the sculpt of Takara´s Jenny friend Lina. Takara has also used this sculpt for several anime and games-related dolls such as the Fighting Vipers Honey, Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury/King of Fighters, Kusanami Risa from Last Bronx, Sarah Bryant and Pai Chen from Virtua Fighter, celebrity dolls Puffy AmiYumi, Takarazuka star Yuuki Amami, et al.  It was used by Azone for Belinda the Tangerine Cat, Luke and Michiru the Cosplay Twins. The short-haired blonde is Luke, the raven-haired twin is Michiru. Also seen is Mai Shiranui.

Azone Doll Edit Head 03 shares the sculpt of Takara´s Jenny friends Kisara/Rie/Shion. Takara has also used this sculpt for Licca´s friend Charles and some movie, anime and games-related dolls such as Boogiepop and the Mothra twin fairies. Azone uses it for their doll Ai (Happy Clover).

Here´s a link which lists the different Takara head sculpts:


Azone Doll Edit Head 04 is the sculpt used by Azone for their dolls Minako (who has appeared most frequently so far) (seen here in Kimono and as Blast of Wind), Yuuki, Suzuna, Nao, Reina and Katy (the blonde cheerleader), as well as gravure idol celebrity doll Yuuko Ogura (right).

Azone Doll Edit Head 05 is the very stylized sculpt used for their Pure Neemo line and Anemone.

After 2004, Azone has also used Obitsu sculpts for their dressed dolls.

ELENA One Mission (2005) uses the stylized anime-type F04 head (I am going by the numbers they have on the website of Parabox, the distributor). 

A3 LADY AN (2005) and Biohazard/Resident Evil Claire Redfield use either the Obitsu F01/F06 or F02 head (I am not quite sure as these are so similar in the pictures).

Since I haven´t found a website with an overview yet, here´s my attempt at a list of Azone dolls (which I´ll try to keep adding to); sorted by sculpt and year of issue.

SARA Premium Version (2000, blonde, blue eyes)

SARA Omoiataru Special 1 (2000, blonde, blue eyes)

SARA or LYCEE Sweet Lolita (200?, purple hair, greyish eyes)

SARA Black Sorceress (2002, white, green eyes)

SARA Omoiataru Special 2 (2002, blonde, blue eyes)

SARA One Mission (2002, blonde, blue eyes)

SARA in Cure Maid Cafe (2002, blonde, blue eyes)

SARA Cyber Tricks (2002, pink hair and eyes)

SARA Fairies of Darkness (2002, purple hair, blue eyes)

SARA Blue Grass Edition (2003, blonde, blue eyes)

SARA Brazillian Skies (2004, brownette, blue eyes)

SARA Azone One  Mission (2004, blonde, blue eyes)

SARA Virginity (2005 – blonde, closed eyes)

SARA Chinese Fantasy (2005 – pink hair and eyes)

SARA Blue Curacao (2005, tan skin, blonde, blue eyes)

SARA Montana Rubens (2005, auburn hair, blue eyes)

SARA Naturally (2005, blonde, blue eyes)

MAYA Cyber Tricks (2002, yellow hair and eyes)

MAYA Visit to UK (2003, blonde, brown eyes)

MAYA More than Today (2005, red hair with green eyes)

MAYA More than Yesterday

MAYA Chinese Fantasy (2005,yellow hair and eyes)

MAYA Cherry Kiss (2005, strawberry blonde, blue eyes)

MANA Sweet Mochachino (2005, brown hair and eyes)

LYCEE Kimono (2003, brown hair and eyes)

LYCEE Cyber Tricks (2003, blue hair and eyes)

LYCEE Love Impulse (2003, pink hair, brown eyes)

LYCEE Love Blitz (2003, pink hair, brown eyes)

LYCEE Combat Nurse (2003, wine red hair, grey eyes)

LYCEE Urban Camouflage (2003, wine red hair, grey eyes)

LYCEE Christmas: Amazing Grace (2003, blonde hair, blue eyes)

LYCEE Seduction (2004, brown hair and eyes)

LYCEE Cure Maid Cafe (2004, raven hair, grey eyes)

LYCEE Chinese Fantasy (2005, blue hair and eyes)

LYCEE Ocean Wind (2005, tan ski, brown hair, golden eyes)

LUKE and MICHIRU (1999)

BELINDA Tangerine Cat

AI Happy Clover

YUUKI Azone Premium Version (2000, red hair, green eyes)

MINAKO Fairies of Darkness

MINAKO Aoki Chihaya (2003, brown hair and eyes)

MINAKO Blast of Wind

MINAKO Kimono (2005, raven hair with purple eyes)

MINAKO Loco Island (tan)

CATY Fairies of Darkness (2002)

CATY Rocket Rabbits

NAO Incarnation of Gerbera (2005, brownette, greyish eyes?)

SUZUNA Dream of You

SUZUNA Fuukomeibu (Kimono, 2005, black hair, brown eyes)


ANEMONE Full Metal Prowess (2005)

ELENA Mission One (2005)

A3 Lady An (2005)


SARA60 Favorite Time (2004 brown hair and eyes)

SARA60 Kimono (2005, strawberry blone hair, blue eyes)

MAYA60 Heart of Gold 2004 (blonde short hair, brown eyes)

MAYA60 Wonderful Kiss 2005 (blonde, brown eyes)

MAYA60 Cherry Kiss 2005 (strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes)

LYCEE60 Premonition 2005 (brown hair and eyes)

LYCEE60 Seduction 2005 (brown hair and eyes)

KOTORI Pure Style 2005

To be added to! 🙂


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