Miss Piggy

I grew up with the Muppet show on TV, and Miss Piggy was and still is a favourite character of mine. I have been looking for a Miss Piggy doll for years but so far there was none that really was what I wanted…  and a lot of the Piggys out there are really bad likenesses.

My first Piggy was the vinyl figure from Bully that I had as a child. No idea where that ended up. At some point, I made a Piggy figure of my own from felt. She´s still at my parents´, next time I go there I´ll take a picture.

Then I found the Dakin Piggy from the 1980s at a garage sale a few years ago, and while the vinyl head is a decent likeness, she has a stuffed fabric body that I am aching to throw out as soon as I find a decent poseable body to replace it, and stringy, greasy hair. She does look a lot like the Fisher Price Piggys from the 1980s, which also have the vinyl head and fabric body, but she has a sewn-on pantsuit. If not for the Dakin tag, I would have guessed she was a Fisher Price one.

I really like the look of the Brass Key Piggy. She is 10″, and porcelain, and she can actually borrow some Barbie pieces. Which is just as well, since the Blythe gang stole her dress. There was also a 16″ porcelain Piggy from Brass Key.

I just recently won a nude 16″  Tonner Miss Piggy and she is just adorable! A good likeness, sturdy vinyl and while I would have liked her to have elbow and knee joints, at least her wigs can be exchanged so she can have many different looks.

Unfortunately, Tonner´s outfits for her are too expensive for my budget, and she has quite unique measurements so it´s not easy to dress this girl. At least, she doesn´t have as much of an  hourglass body shape as most other fashion dolls, she can borrow pieces from adult and child dolls alike, provided Piggy likes the style.

I am sharing my finds here, since I guess I´m not the only one facing that situation…


Miss Piggy has large feet. She can just about share Cissy shoes – the vintage-style sandals with a solid sole and stretch ribbons work, but shoes with less leeway, that enclose Cissy´s foot tighter, very likely won´t. She can also share some of those trainers that you can get as keyrings (they also work well for Tonner´s men, MSDs and even some SDs).


Piggy´s waist and hip size is close to that of a Super Dollfie. Of course, her legs are a lot shorter, but she can borrow some shorts and skirts and can definitely shop in their lingerie department.


Piggy can borrow some SD-sized tops, although her arms are much shorter.

Patterns – tried and tested

I have enlarged Jo Barkley´s pattern from the Yahoo AnnEstelle group for a simple dress for Tonner´s 10″ Ann E. to 165% to make a 1950s-style day dress for Piggy. This works well, although the original pattern neckline ends up very close around the neck, so I modified it a little. The cut of the bodice would also make for a neat 1920s silhouette if combined with a straight shirt, not a wide one. I will have to try that soon.


Chest: 22cm/8.7″

Waist 18.5cm/7.3″

Hips 23.5cm/9.3″

shoulder to wrist 11cm/4.3″

waist to ankle 18.5cm/7.3″

Sharing Guesstimate

Jugding from measurement comparison tables, Piggy might be able to share some pieces made for 20″ Miss Revlon (Miss R´s hips are smaller!), and 20″ Cissy (Cissy´s chest, waist and hips are smaller, so pieces that are too tightly fitted won´t work. Also, her arms and legs are longer), 18″ Sweet Sue and Crissy (their waist and hips are slightly smaller, so  pieces that are too tightly fitted won´t work. Also, her arms and legs are longer), 18″ Magic Attic and other slim vinyl child dolls (they are a bit wider in the chest, waist and hip area, but can be made to work; legs and arms are longer). Piggy´s measurements are also very close to those for 16″ Saucy Walker and Terri Lee, so their pieces ought to fit quite decently.

Here´s some of my calculations how pattern pieces can be enlarged or reduced to work for Piggy:

14″ Toni (chest: 125%, waist 110%, hips 120%, arms 110%, legs 100%).

14″ Betsy McCall (chest, hips 130%, waist 125%, arm and leg length remain the same.)

21″ Cissy (chest 105%, waist 120%, hips 110%, arms, legs 70%)

10″ Ann Estelle (chest, leg length 165%, hips 150%, waist 135%)

16″ Saucy (chest 95%, waist 75%, hips 95%, arms 88%, legs 90%)

22″ American Models (=Tyler Wentworth patterns enlarged to 138%) won´t work, the body shape is too different.

By the way, Ty´s Beanie Baby “Rascal” makes a perfect Foo-Foo.

Unfortunately, the dog came with a non-removeable big blue button on its butt, which has some connection to some online game crap I couldn´t care less about. At first I was dismayed, but then I figured out a way to remove that button after all without damaging the dog. I pried the blades of my scissors under the button “head” to cut off the stem. What remains is a small hole in the fur fabric, approx. 7mm (1/4″) in diameter, which is closed up  by the button stem. I just pulled up a bit of the fabric around it and secured it with a few stitches to cover the hole. It turned out to be easy, but really, Ty: I should not have had to do it.

Pics coming up when I´ve got time to take some.

In the meantime, here´s Piggy with Foo-Foo. And lots of Superman.


Jem and the Holograms

“Jem”  is an American animated television series that ran from 1985 – 1988, designed to appeal to both girls and boys, with a mix of action/adventure, drama, music, and fashion. 
” MTV (Music Television) had premiered August 1st, 1981 and by 1985 was already a household name. The TV station focusing on elaborate video clips of hit songs, giving a combination of sight and sound, was making a new era of music with an emphasis on fashion.

About this time, the Jem Project, as it was referred to at Hasbro, was being launched. It was a brilliant idea. Have a line of rock star dolls to cash in on the “MTV”/music video craze. Originally, Jem was to be called “M”, for a tie-in with “MTV”, but corporate lawyers cancelled that when they learned a letter cannot be copyrighted. The plans had gone so far that Kimber’s keyboard had already been made in the shape of an “M” so a name with “M” had to be used and the name Jem evolved. In the early planning stages, The Holograms were to be all male but Hasbro wisely made them all female.” – http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Academy/7028/Jeminfo.html 

” The Jem television show combined adventure and fashion with music videos with captions exactly like on “MTV”. … Included with each doll were fabulous posters of Jem, The Holograms or The Misfits”, as well as a cassette tape featuring songs from the series sung by the dolls character. The songs coordinated to names of stunningly made outfits, and the whole package of doll, song and costume tied into the television show! It was not only truly outrageous, but truly brilliant.” (ibd.)



Shana is wearing “Let the Music Play”.

Unfortunately, sometimes, being brilliant is not enough.

“By fall of 1987, despite the television show often placing number one in children’s shows it was clear that Jem was just not moving.
In November, rumor hit that Jem would be discontinued, and that Hasbro, which had already designed a 1988 line by this time, would not be offering it next year. The contributing factor to the demise of Jem was her size. No doll that has not been Barbie size has ever made it past the two-year mark. Parents simply view toys differently than collectors do. They do not want to shell out a small fortune for doll clothing that was not interchangeable with dolls already at home. Hasbro was gambling that the doll and clothing would be so appealing that this would happen. It did not and spelled the demise of the most creative and beautifully designed fashion doll in 30 years! ” (ibd.)
BTW, Bratz were the first fashion doll line that made it successfully long past the 2-year-mark despite not being Barbie sized.

Aja wears “Music in the Air” from 1985.

Aja again

Aja again

“The basic story was about a woman named Jerrica Benton who upon her father’s death inherits his music company, Starlight Music, and a secret sophisticated computer named Synergy that could generate realistic holograms. To prevent a hostile takeover of Starlight Music by a man named Eric Raymond and a rock band called The Misfits, Jerrica used Synergy to transform herself into Jem, a glamorous rock star. She was aided by her band the Holograms that consisted of her friends Kimber, Aja, and Shana who knew who Jem really was. Jerrica had a boyfriend named Rio who didn’t know that she and Jem were one in the same person and subsequently fell in love with both women. This was the story for the first five episodes that were also made into a video release called “Truly Outrageous”. Subsequent episodes contained the adventures of Jem and the Holograms and The Misfits and each episode contained two to three songs performed in MTV music video format.” – http://home.pon.net/sunflower/Jem%20Realm/Cartoon%20Info.htm



Pizzazz, leader of the Misfits, in her original outfit.




Stormer again

Stormer again

Another one of Stormer

Stormer in "Making Mischief"




Jerrica is wearing Shana´s original outfit. This doll had two-toned pink and blonde hair. Depending on which color showed, she could be either Jerrica or her alter ego, Jem. The earrings – sophisticated projectors that create the hologram that makes her change in the series – blink.

Synergy - wouldn´t look out of place in any SF movie

Synergy - wouldn´t look out of place in any SF movie

 Synergy in her original outfit. Well, I added the gun. I love this girl for her science fiction look. TRON, anyone?

In my pictures, I´ve tried to capture a 1980s style of rock photography.

All my Jem dolls were flea market or ebay finds, so their outfits may not be complete.

I´m still looking for Kimber, Roxy, Jetta, Raya, Danse, Video, the smiling later edition Jem/Jerrica, Rio, and the three Starlight Girls though I´m in no hurry to find them.