Custom Esme

This is a former Cover Girl Esme (2000) that I bought nude to customize. By the time I had painstakingly rerooted her, Tonner had issued a factory Esme with a similar hair tone and even hairstyle (so I could have saved myself all that work… grrr.) On the other hand, all that work I put into her made her special to me, and while she´s far from perfect, she still makes me proud.

I made her sheath from a Gene pattern in Dolls In Print magazine. The magazine was, sadly, short-lived but it contained one of my all-time favourite patterns.

And here´s Tonner´s Sumptuous Esme (2004). Not identical, but similar enough that I wouldn´t have re-rooted mine if Sumptous had been available when I started.


Vivien, after

Here´s Vivien (Milano Alex) after I had darkened her eyebrows. (See her before modeling the “Trousseau for Cherry Blossom”). I think she looks a lot better now!

“Kiss Me Gene”

To attend the Broadway revival premiere of “Kiss Me Kate”, Vivien picked a vintage gown that Gene Marshall had worn 50 years before to the original premiere of the same musical.


A Cheongsam for Jade

The doll in pink is May Wong (Cheongsam Jade Lee from 2004) in her original outfit. The girl in blue is Simone (Lunch at Two Alex), with her hair restyled and a slight enhancement. I made the blue cheongsam from a dress in Faszination Fashion Doll, a German fashion doll fanzine.

Here´s Mod Jadde Lee (2004) modeling the same cheongsam. With her bangs removed, she looks so much like the girls in antique Asian art!